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  • Kurzprofil: HERZ & BINDER
    Biomass boilers 4 – 20.000 kW  & Heat pumps 5 – 80 kW

herz produkt1HERZ & BINDER – Successful with biomass boilers & heat pumps

“Environment-friendly heating systems with maximum comfort and the best user-friendliness” – this is HERZ Energietechnik’s guiding principle. HERZ currently employs a staff of 358 in the energy technology sector in Burgenland and Styria and provides a complete range of renewable energy systems: Pellet and wood chip systems up to 1,500 kW (up to 4,500 kW in cascade operation), wood gasification boilers up to 40 kW and heat pumps up to 80 kW.

With its takeover of the renowned company BINDER GmbH in January 2015 HERZ has expanded its range of biomass plants from 4 up to 20,000 kW. That makes HERZ to an interesting partner for clients from the private sector as well as from trade and industry sectors.
Beside the conventional binder kessel1warm water systems there are also hot water and saturated steam systems, hot air (drying) systems, thermal oil systems as well as CHP systems in the program. Another specialty is the wide range of tried and tested special fuels, which can be used
to heat BINDER Energietechnik’s systems. These fuels range from corncobs to cherry stones and poultry manure.

Project references BINDER

Heat supplier PENZ, Bärnbach Austria

Capacity:     3.000 kW
Fuel:            Wood chips
Savings:      approx. 2.200 tons CO2 per year

EDEN Projekt, England

Capacity:      300 kW
Fuel:             Wood chips, miscanthus
Savings:      approx. 50.000 litres heating oil, 130 tons CO2 per year