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  • Kurzprofil: The club was founded in soy Danube in spring 2012 and has its headquarters in Vienna.

donausoja map1Soya is one of the major challenges for a sustainable and independent European agriculture focussing on regional strengths. To meet this challenge effectively, a wide coalition of stakeholders in the beginning of 2012 founded the Danube Soya Association. The independent and pan-regional association aims to systematically empower the cultivation of non-GMO soya in the Danube region –  with a joint production standard and a comprehensive certification program for its regional origin and non-GMO production.

The Danube Soya guidelines set the minimum standards for the use of the Danube soya label. They define the origin of raw material and seeds, avoidance of GMO, traceability and control systems, as well as sustainability (regarding LULUC which means cultivation exclusively on already available agricultural and fallow land, social standard and plant protection).

The countries of origin and regions for the Danube Soya are defined politically and geographically. (see Danube Soya Map)

donausoja1Danube Soya – main objectives

  • Promotion of GMO-free soya cultivation and processing in the Danube region – using the trademark Danube Soya;
  • Building a reliable soya and soya meal supply and value chain through the association members, as a contribution to a European protein supply;
  • Advocating for a listing on the Vienna stock exchange;
  • Establishment of an international breeding,- research- and control program for GMO-free Soya seeds along the Danube and of a concepts for improved crop protection
  • Contribution to the reduction of the carbon footprint in soya;
  • Systematic information and integration of the public and all relevant stakeholders of the industry, NGOs and politicians;

Danube Soya can make an important contribution to the integration of the Danube region and offers economical chances and impulse. European enterprises are able to answer the demand of sustainable produced food and feed products and thereby create a clear competitive advantage.

The Danube Soya Declaration

The Danube Soya Declaration forms the basis for the project’s success: a catalogue listing the necessary political commitments, the demands to research, farming and market strategies and the necessary requirements for accompanying certification programs.

Presented at the International Soya Symposium 2012 the Danube Soya declaration was signed from high ranking politicians in Austria and Bavaria. 2013 at the “Grüne Woche” in Berlin the Danube Soya Declaration was also signed by 8 high ranking minister level politicians from Austria, Germany, Slovenia, Switzerland, Hungary, Serbia, Bosnia and Croatia. Romania also officially supports the Danube Soya objectives through his signing in February 2013.