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  • Adresse: Divischgasse 4, 1210 Wien, Austria
  • Telefon: +43 1 291 07 56
  • Fax: +43 1 290 14 29
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  • Kurzprofil: Biomedica Gruppe - Ihr Handelspartner in Veterinär- und Agrodiagnostik

BIOMEDICABiomedica Gruppe is a privately owned group of companies in Central Europe with its headquarters in Vienna, Austria. Founded in 1978 as a local distribution company, Biomedica has gradually established subsidiaries in neighbouring countries, Poland and on the Balkans.

Besides distribution of medical devices our core activities are the distribution of laboratory diagnostics for human and veterinary applications and research reagents for Life Sciences

Through our local offices we have a strong local sales presence with dedicated technical services, all fully ISO 9001 certified and supported by central marketing and product management. An integrated ERP, central management and controlling combine the efficiency of a multinational organization with regional presence and customer contact in the local language.

Biomedica Gruppe is organized in several divisions in order to meet the special requirements of our different customer groups. Through our main office in Austria, we offer suppliers the unique possibility to access 12 different countries, each with their own particular requirements.

The Veterinary and Food division supplies diagnostic products for veterinary, agro food, hygienic and water analysis applications to academic, public, industrial and other commercial institutions. The product range includes high quality products in the field of eradication/control programs, infectious diseases, pathogens, reproduction, HACCP, residues, like GMO, antibiotics, allergens and mycotoxins. The range of technologies covers conventional microbiology methods, rapid test systems, ELISA tests and molecular methods. We also offer and support dedicated instruments for laboratories, from simple ELISA readers, washers, incubators to fully automated processors and novel instruments for molecular diagnostics.


Satisfied customers are the foundation of our success and we are dedicated to meeting their needs.

We aim to offer customers focused reliable and affordable products with prompt delivery, comprehensive training and follow-up service.

An open and cooperative partnership with our suppliers ensures a win-win relationship for both sides.

Our people are our greatest assets. We pay utmost attention to their personal development within the company and are proud to have an exceptionally low fluctuation rate throughout the last decades.

We continuously strive for excellence in products, personnel and services.


Animal Hygiene

  • Reproduction management
  • Eradication/control programs
  • Infectious diseases testing

Food safety

  • Pathogen detection in animal feed and food
  • Detection of residues (antibiotics, mycotoxins)
  • Detection of GMO and Allergens
  • Mycotoxin detection

Water testing

Field testing and laboratory testing