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  • Kurzprofil: Grundziel der ZAR ist die Förderung der österreichischen Rinderwirtschaft im Interesse der österreichischen Rinderzüchter.


zar130,000 farms in Austria with more than 340,000 cows in the herdbook are working on the systematic improvement of the breeding population for individual breeds. The herds are grouped together in 28 cattle breeding associations.

These associations are joined together in study groups, according to the breed, which plan, set up and co-ordinate the breeding programmes. Milk production testing is performed in Austria in accordance with the guidelines of the International Agreement on Recording Practices. Testing is carried out by about 1800 employees working for independent provincial testing associations using the AT method indicated in the agreement.

The test is based on the "lactationperios method" whereby the standard or reference lactation is given. The beef production test is an individual performance test at the station and an individual and progeny test in the field. The estimation of the breeding values is done centrally for all breeds and traits by the Federation of austrian Cattle Breeders in conformity with the BLUP-animal model. Austrian breeding cattle are characterized by their high productivity, health and vitality, outstanding adaptability and resistance to disease.


zar2The blood lines and production capacity of Austrian livestock are guaranteed by breeding certificates issued by recognized breeding organizations. Pure-bred animals from Austria are raised on farms authorized in accordance with EU decisions 1999/579/EU, 1999/465/EU, 1999/467/EU in the 2000/69/EU version that are free of TB, Bang's disease, leukemia and IBR/IPV.

The animals in Austria are regularly inspected to ensure the highest standards of safety. Using the cattle data bank operated by Agrarmarkt Austria, trading with livestock is rigorously monitored. The sale of breeding animals is organized by the cattle breeder's association and takes place in the form of cattle auctions and on commission from the farm. Of the 30,000 cattle sold at 220 cattle auctions and on commission from the farm. Of the 30,000 cattle sold at 220 cattle auctions, more than half were exported.


  • Simmental
  • Austrian Brown Swiss cattle
  • Pinzgauer
  • Holstein
  • Tyrolean Grey (Upper Inn Valley)