Wolf Systembau Gesellschaft m.b.H.

Additional Info

  • Adresse: Fischerbühel 1, A-4644 Scharnstein
  • Telefon: +43(0) 7615 300 0
  • Fax: +43(0) 7615 300 313
  • E-Mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
  • Kurzprofil:
    • Firmengründung 1966
    • weltweit tätiger Konzern
    • 18 Niederlassungen in 15 Ländern
    • 2500 Beschäftigte
    • Typenhäuser und individuelle Planung von Fertighäusern, Ställen, Lager-, Maschinen- und Reithallen, Industrie und Gewerbebauten, Betonbehälter, Sport- und Freizeithallen
stallungenSince its founding in 1966 Wolf Systembau Gesellschaft m.b.H. has grown into an international company operating on a worldwide scale. A committed staff of more than 2500 employees working in 18 subsidiaries in 15 countries has made Wolf System one of the most competitive players in prefabricated building industries in Central Europe.



5.100 concrete tanks and silos, 3600 building and roof systems and another 700 prefabricated housings in Central Europe have made Wolf System one of the most competitive players within the prefabricated building industry.

Clear-sighted and dynamic company management, together with an extensive product range ensure the success of the Wolf System for the future.

The reliability, expertise and loyalty of our staff are a prerequisite for the competitiveness and the continuing improvement of our products and services.

State-of-the-art production facilities and a high degree of prefabrication make it possible to maintain the high quality standards we claim for our building materials and workmanship.

Last but not least, our committed building personnel are responsible for carrying out all projects smoothly and efficiently, thereby guaranteeing complete customer satisfaction.


  • House and Cellar
  • Cattle, pig, poultry and horse housings, warehouses and machine shops
  • Industrial plants and commercial shops, gyms and leisure complexes
  • Fertighäuser und Keller
  • Concrete tanks, Bio-gas tanks
  • Nailplates