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  • Kurzprofil: Zahlen und Fakten 2000
    • Absolventen: 158
    • Dissertationen: 57
    • Habilitationen 99/00: 12
    • Publikationen 1999: 876

    Personalstand 2000
    • Studenten gesamt: 2659
    • Ausländische Studenten: 186
    • Professoren: 31
    • Assistenten: 131
    • Dozenten: 34
    • Nichtwiss. Mitarbeiter. 405

Wissenschaftler Vetuni WienOur History

The University of Veterinary Medicine Vienna is the oldest institution for veterinary education in the German-speaking world and the second oldest in its kind world-wide. Founded in 1765 by empress Maria Theresia, it looks back on a long and successful tradition as the Wiener Schule of veterinary medicine and was pursued on this track by the institution of the new University of Veterinary Science (UVW).

The new "Wiener Schule"

The new University of Veterinary Science aims to fulfill educational and research obligations that are guided by ethical and ecological values; it considers the veterinarian as one who plays a significant role in man-environment interaction. The veterinary education programme - particularly as regards its basic natural science elements - prepares the graduate for a career in integrated problem-solving in the areas of animal health, food quality assurance and inspection and in animal welfare.


Our educational mission involves graduate and continuing education in veterinary science. The curriculum is scientifically updated, underpinned by UVW's in-house research programmes, is relevant to veterinary practise and aims at delivering a thoroughly trained graduate with a wide knowledge spectrum. The integrated approach as well as openness to a variety of teachings and methods are essentials of a primarily knowledge transfer-based educational programme leading to a Diploma which certifies the graduate as a licensed veterinarian. Building on this basis, a postgraduate scientific training period leads to the Doctorate degree.


UVW's research programme mission, including basic as well as applied science elements, is the progressive development of veterinary science. The zeal of our research community supported by state-of-the-art infrastructure as well as the standing of research activities within the university has led to international recognition of UVW's research output.


UVW's new premises on the river Danube's Viennese leftbank is one of the world's most modern in its kind. Covering an area of approximately 15 hectares, 47 well-equipped buildings constructed in pavillion-like fashion provide the optimal infrastructure for outstanding performances of the approximately 500 employees and 2700 students. The lecture room centre, the hall of ceremonies, and 2 large buildings headquartering a host of institutes surround the 'biotope'. Additional buildings - housing the institutes of Anatomy, Pathology, Virology, Bacteriology and Parasitology - and the 7 clinics of the veterinary hospital are available for purposes of education and research. The excellent facilities of the UVW not only provide an ideal environment for education, research and cooperative actions involving, industry, but also make our university a perfect venue with scientific ambience, predestined for staging international meetings and conferences.