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  • Kurzprofil: BIOMIN - Natürlich im Futter

    BIOMIN bietet nachhaltige und qualitativ hochwertige Futtermittelzusätze und Vormischungen. Dazu zählen Lösungen für Mykotoxin-Risiko-Management, ein bahnbrechendes Konzept für natürliche Leistungsförderung sowie andere spezifische Lösungen für Schweine, Geflügel und Wiederkäuer.

The BIOMIN Philosophy

We at BIOMIN are dedicated to finding innovative, trend-setting solutions that empower our
customers to master existing and future challenges in animal nutrition – the natural way.
The application of our scientific know-how and expertise, based on an in-depth understanding
of our customer’s needs & concerns, enables us to deliver solutions that support animal health, optimize performance and production efficiency.

forschung img1Research and Development

Research and development is one of the cornerstones of BIOMIN. Our strong in-house research and development, and global cooperation with leading institutions and organisations form the basis by which innovative solutions are developed for our customers.

Through joint projects with renowned universities and research institutes, BIOMIN is constantly in touch with the latest scientific know-how, from which novel feed additives are developed and produced. Our global network of collaborating institutions has grown to over 100.


Quality Management

Quality means for us that our customers are able to purchase BIOMIN products at any time with full confidence in the consistently high standards, which they have come to expect from us and appreciate so much.

In 1997, BIOMIN introduced the international ISO 9001 standard. The HACCP system, introduced subsequently at BIOMIN’s production sites, provides the quality assurance our customers seek from us. In addition, the feed quality standards QS and GMP+ guarantee the utmost degree of control and quality for our products – from raw material inputs right through to the final product.

All raw materials are procured exclusively from a select group of suppliers and subjected to intensive delivery inspections. Stringent quality checks on all materials and products are an integral part of BIOMIN’s manufacturing process. Regular training is the basis for highly qualified manpower. We endeavor to achieve and maintain the highest standards in hygiene, product safety, and traceability of raw materials to the final manufactured product.

BIOMIN is aware of laying the foundations for quality food with quality feed. Customer satisfaction is our priority and we aim to achieve this by setting one of the highest quality benchmarks for the industry.

ISO 14040 Life Cycle Assessment:

Concerns over climate change and the role of greenhouse gases continue to rise. In September
2011, BIOMIN has been internationally recognised through the award of the ISO 14040 „Life
Cycle Assessment“ certification. By optimizing feed use and improving animal performance, it is possible to reduce greenhouse gas emissions from livestock operations.
Comparative studies have shown that the investment of 1 tonne of CO2 for a BIOMIN product reduced CO2 equivalent emissions in broiler production by up to 128 tonnes.

BIOMIN GmbH certifications:

biomin zertifikate


Through innovative production technologies and advanced, scientific know-how, BIOMIN
has pioneered several trend-setting solutions for a range of animal nutrition products, all of
which utilise fully natural processes and ingredients. An in-depth understanding of what the
customer’s needs and concerns are, has enabled BIOMIN to create and deliver solutions in-line with performance and efficiency goals.

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