Pessl Instruments GmbH

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  • Adresse: Werksweg 107, 8160 Weiz
  • Telefon: +43 3172 55 21
  • Fax: +43 3172 55 21 23
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  • Kurzprofil: Pessl Instruments GmbH entwickelt Werkzeuge für eine datenbasierte Entscheidungsfindung in der Landwirtschaft, Hydrologie, Meteorologie, Flutwarnung und mehr.
Over the years, METOS® has become a global brand with local support, and we are proud to say we managed to reach out to almost every corner of the world. We believe that durable, highly precise technology and support from our trained partners worldwide are the recipe for success. The METOS® brand lasts longer, performs better, is easier to use and offers you the lowest total cost of ownership.

Year 2016 was the most dynamic year since the start of the company. We have established many new important partnerships which we believe will be important for our clients, as well as the industry in general. We are proud to say that we put the idea of better connectivity among people and businesses in practice – together with Huawei, Yara, GeoSys and Calata Corporation.

In doing so, we believe we are one step closer to a more connected and sustainable future. We strongly believe, we have to take advantage of the technology available and make it work FOR everybody, especially in agriculture.      

Technologies and Competencies:

  • Weather stations
  • Data-loggers and sensors integrated through online platform
  • Mobile applications, APIs

Smart Farming Solutions:

  • Weather monitoring and weather forecasting
  • Crop health management
  • Wwater management
  • Soil nutrition management
  • Logistics and resource management